Every season in India comes with its own set of diseases.

The clouds of monsoon shower dengue, malaria and fever upon us; winds of winter bring along the risk of cold, flu and cough; and there’s a whole another set of diseases that are ‘hot’ during summers.

Let’s take a look at some diseases and health issues that are prevalent during summers-

  • Heat Stroke

Heat Stroke

If you stay under the blazing sun for a long time during summers, you may experience headache, weakness, nausea, dizziness and shallow breathing. While these conditions may not look serious, they can actually be signs of heatstroke, which is a condition of coma!

It is advisable to stay indoors during the afternoon, when the temperature is at its peak. And even if you want to go out, you must cover your body properly, especially your head, face and ears.

  • Jaundice


Jaundice, also known as Hepatitis A, is a common disease during summers, which is caused due to the consumption of contaminated food and water. We tend to consume a lot of cold drinks and foods during summers from roadside hawkers or juice-makers, where precautions for hygiene are rarely followed. More than adults, children like to eat from such places, which puts them at high risk for jaundice.

To prevent oneself from jaundice certain measures can be followed, like vaccination against hepatitis A or B, drinking eight glasses of water every day, eating foods rich in digestive enzymes (like honey, papaya, mango & pineapple), eating foods rich in fiber (like tomato, carrot, beet, ginger & garlic) and more.

  • Typhoid


Another common disease that is caused due to the consumption of contaminated water is typhoid. The culprit behind this disease is the salmonella typhi bacteria, which breeds in contaminated water. Typhoid symptoms include weakness, fatigue, loss of appetite, abdominal pain and high fever.

To avoid getting affected with typhoid, you should wash your hands before eating or cooking, avoid drinking untreated water, avoid eating raw fruits and vegetables and prefer eating foods that are steaming hot.

  • Chicken Pox

Chicken Pox

One of the most common diseases that happens during summers is chicken pox, which is caused by a virus called varicella-zoster. Usually, it is caused when a person comes in contact with droplets produced by an infected person through sneezing or coughing. Your best line of defence against chicken pox is to get vaccinated. In addition to this, you should avoid exposure to people affected with the disease.

  • Sunburn


If your skin is exposed to sunlight for a long time during summers, your skin may become red, itchy and dry. Further, blisters may develop on your skin, dry skin may start to peel off and you may feel inflammation. These are the signs of sunburn.

The best way to avoid sunburns is to apply a sunscreen with an SPF content of 50 or higher, 15 minutes prior to going out and after every 2 hours. Also, you should avoid going out when the sun is at its peak, that is, between 10 am and 2 pm. Moreover, you can wear clothes with UPF protection and sunglasses with UV protection.

To avoid these diseases, it is advised to eat healthy and hygienic food, stay hydrated and to cover your body when you head out. While this may not guarantee that you will be safe from the diseases, but it will surely help you stay protected as much as possible.

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