While you do need medication to cure B12 deficiency, you need care too.

Which means looking beyond medication.
B12 is an essential nutrient that should be consumed about 4.6 micrograms per day. But your body cannot make it on its own. Which means, you need to rely on external sources to meet your daily intake. Which further means, you can either take medicines or make dietary changes. And since medication is only prescribed for a limited duration, you must ensure you are meeting your daily vitamin intake through your diet.

So, here are the foods that can help you meet your daily B12 quota-

1. Milk, Cheese & Yogurt/Curd

Milk, Cheese & Yogurt/Curd

One glass of milk (~250 ml) contains roughly 18% of the required daily intake (RDI) of B12. So, on top of being a quick breakfast food, it is a good source of B12 too.
If you are a person who has elaborate breakfasts, you can eat a cheese sandwich along with a glass of milk. Cheese has high B12 content and just one slice of it can give you around 16% of the RDI of B12.
Apart from breakfast, you can have a cup of curd of yogurt during lunch. It will provide you about 23% of the RDI of B12.

2. Eggs


Eating 2 eggs a day can give you about 22% of the RDI of B12. However, make sure that you eat the whole egg, not just the egg whites. Because, research has shown that egg yolk has higher B12 content than egg white. On top it, the B12 in egg yolk is easier to absorb for your body.

3. Lamb Liver and Kidneys

Lamb Liver and Kidneys

Animal organ meats are highly nutritious. You should eat animal liver and kidneys, especially from lamb, at least once a week. Eating just 100 gram of lamb liver will provide you about 1500% of the RDI of B12!

4. Salmon (commonly known as Rawas in India)


While salmons are popularly known as a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, they are an excellent source of B vitamins too. Eating about 200 grams of cooked salmon can provide you more than 80% of the RDI of B12. So, you can eat salmon at least twice a week to meet your B12 requirement.

5. Soy/Almond Milk

Soy/Almond Milk

For vegetarians, and especially vegans, adding non-dairy milk to their diet is highly important as it is a rich source of vitamin B12. Take for example, soy milk. Drinking just 250 ml of soy milk can give you up to 45% of the RDI of B12.

If you or your loved ones have been down with B12 deficiency, then it is a clear sign that you need to make dietary changes. Because medications can only help you recover. After that, you would need B12-rich food to meet your daily requirement.

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