Before you know how you might be damaging your liver, we would like to ask you a question- have you ever wondered what does your liver do? If not, here’s what it does. It metabolizes fat, synthesises protein, stores vitamins and minerals, filters blood coming from the digestive tract and performs over 500 vital body functions.

Now that you know that it’s a vital organ responsible for critical daily functions, here are 6 lifestyle habits to avoid to keep it in good condition.

1. Drinking Less Water

Drinking Less Water

For your liver to function effectively, it needs ample amounts of various fluids. When you don’t drink plenty of water, it causes an imbalance in the fluid reserves of your liver and leads to liver problems. So make a habit to drink enough water daily to keep your liver in good health.

2. Drinking Excess Alcohol

Drinking Excess Alcohol

Excess consumption of alcohol can cause cirrhosis, liver failure and other liver-related diseases. Now, there’s not an ideal quantity of alcohol that you should drink because it differs from person to person. Just make sure to drink in moderation always.

3. Smoking Cigarettes

Smoking Cigarettes

Not many people know but smoking cigarettes can be the reason for liver cancer. The smoke you inhale puts oxidative stress on your liver and pushes the liver to detoxify blood beyond normal. This causes the liver to release harmful chemicals in the body, ultimately leading to liver cancer.

4. Eating High-Sugar Foods

Eating High-Sugar Foods

Liver is responsible for glucose metabolism in your body. So when you consume excess sugar in your daily diet, it causes build-up of fat on the liver. Why should you care about it? Because, while all cells in your body only process glucose molecules, it’s only the liver cells that process fructose molecules, which are found in soft drinks and junk food. So, if fat builds up on the liver, it can cause permanent liver damage.

5. Overeating For Dinner

Overeating For Dinner

Your liver does majority of functions at night. Having a heavy dinner puts extra pressure on your liver and causes damage over a long period of time. In addition to it, it also makes your body accumulate fat which is again harmful for your liver. So try eating light in the night.

6. Excess Weight

Excess Weight

Obesity puts you at risk of developing non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and other liver conditions. These people are at an increased risk of damaging their cardiovascular health. However, you can avoid this risk by maintaining a healthy weight, reducing fat intake, and exercising regularly. Regular exercise helps burn triglycerides which reduce liver fat and improve liver function.

Avoid these unhealthy habits and causing critical damage to your liver.

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