A global pandemic or a life stealer, it is hard to decide one single name for this disease known as COVID-19. The pandemic has turned to be black times for all of us but many good lessons too, like how to be more careful with our health. Why is it important to stay healthy? The role of immunity in our lives. The role of exercise and overall how important it is to stay disease-free.

Talking about ways of how to keep oneself away from the virus, there has been a huge promotion of some official standards like washing hands regularly (with 20-second rule), disinfecting hands and surfaces of objects from time to time, wearing a mask, and recently double masking also came into the picture. These all were helpful but to a very lesser extent. These all have been effective but not a permanent and long-term solution. So what next?

It was clearly observed that individuals already suffering from chronic diseases like diabetes, some cardiovascular disease, or blood pressure-related issues are prone to the infection as their immunity is already low. Adding to this people of elder age are also at higher risk as immunity declines with the increase in age. But if there’s’ a problem, there’s a solution too.

Here are some ways which can clearly help in boosting immunity:

  1. DIET

An apple a day keeps the doctor away but a healthy diet in the lifestyle keeps every disease at bay. Eating a diet with more immunity-boosting elements and healthier options is the key. Take fruits and vegetables containing vitamins especially Vitamin C, then look for Ascorbic acid and Beta carotene. Taking a low carb and a diet richer in protein keeps the body in shape and will slow down diseases like diabetes. Hence, boosting immunity.


Mothers are always seen yelling at kids to sleep on time and wake up on time, adequate sleeping is there in the culture but it has a major connection with our health as well. Good sleep for 7 to 8 hours is enough for our body to take the required rest and work properly. Lack of sleep is a clear way of making our brain go lethargic and that leads to a decrease in immunity. So rest and boost the “I”.


We have heard about cleaning our bodies, houses, streets, and everything else but what is mind cleanliness? Our mind is an organ that works all day in the full circle of our lives. It also deserves some breaks and decluttering. So, involving in mind relieving activities can really help the brain function properly, and again this helps in boosting immunity.

Therefore, we have few practices we can do:


Sitting and closing your eyes for 5 to 10 minutes and decluttering the mind is a very good process of taking the good in and releasing the bad out. Practicing out in nature can be more beneficial. In those moments, just practice breathing and rest will happen automatically. Chanting OM is also very healing for the body so one can always try that.


Engaging an individual like smoking and being alcoholic leads to deterioration in the body and creates illness in the respiratory system thus bringing down the immunity and no power left to fight against the enemies.


A. Vitamin C

Definitely an element to avoid the common cold and thus keeping an individual healthy and fit. It acts as a powerful antioxidant too.

B. Zinc

Do not miss out on the most powerful warrior against all the infections, Zinc. It is a really essential supplement, especially for elderly people.


The yellow spices contain a compound named curcumin which boosts immunity levels. Garlic is also a powerful anti-inflammatory, overall the fighting army gets stronger after adding these supplements.

An. old wives’ tale there a few things which are coming to us previous generations and are great advice to do better.

1. Apply some Ghee or Coconut oil in the nostrils to avoid dust and allergies.

2. Inhale steam with mint leaves or lavender oil.

3. Take Herbal Tea with holy basil leaves, bay leaf, ginger, cinnamon, etc.

4. Drink lukewarm water always.

The battle is long and pandemic is definitely not an easy deal to handle but at least we can do our part by taking our best care in the best possible ways. If each starts being cautious then this pandemic would never last this long.

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