At StayHappi pharmacy, we have always been proudly saying that we offer up to 90% savings on quality medicines. However, we realised that consumers may find it hard to believe! And honestly, it’s not their fault. Because, in a world where daring marketing claims are made casually, anything without proof should not be trusted easily.

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Compare Medicines

It’s a fact that the awareness about generic medicines is very low among consumers. Moreover, the prescription of only branded medicines by doctors keeps people further away from choosing generic medicines.

Through our meticulous market research, we found out that even if a consumer was willing to choose generic medicines, they didn’t know whom to ask about it. Reason why, we launched our Savings Calculator feature!

Now all you have to do is enter the name of the branded medicine prescribed to you, and you will instantly see its generic alternative. Of course, along with the price difference! With this feature, finding and choosing generic medicines becomes much more hassle-free. So go on and try it-

  • What Makes Generic Medicines Cheaper?

What Makes Generic Medicines Cheaper

It’s a common misconception that generic medicines are cheaper than branded medicines because they must be inferior in quality. But in reality, they are of the same composition and quality.

When any medicine is cleared by authorities to be launched in the market, the brands manufacturing them file for a patent. This patent allows them to be the exclusive sellers of the medicine for a specific period of time. When brands file for patents, they put a high price tag on medicines to recover the R&D costs and make profits.

However, when the patent expires, other manufacturers are allowed to use the composition and manufacture the same medicine. Since they have not incurred the costs for R&D, they price the medicines lower, which is why generic medicines are cheaper.

  • Why Prefer Generic Medicines?

Why Prefer Generic Medicines

As mentioned above, generic medicines are made of the same composition as branded medicines. Due to which, they have the same potency, dose, method of intake, quality, and implications as their branded counterparts. So when you choose generic medicines, you not only get the same quality, but also high savings!

At StayHappi generic medicine pharmacy, we have all the medicines you need, available at very affordable prices. So try out our Savings Calculator feature, order generic alternatives to your branded medicines, and start saving!