You have finally booked your tickets for that long-awaited vacation. Most of the boxes from your ‘Things to Buy’ list is already ticked, but have you packed the most essential item required when you are travelling? Generally, people tend to miss out on one of the most important things to pack that is A Medical Kit. A good traveller is always prepared for any kind of emergency. Emergencies involving yours or your family’s health can be the worst kind if you are not carrying a basic first aid kit. It should essentially contain a few must-have medicines which h can see you through for a few hours till you can get some medical help. Also, you wouldn’t want to ruin a road trip just because you forgot to pack your anti-histamines along.

Before you start putting random medicines into your travel medical kit, you need to analyse a few crucial things first.

  • Evaluate your requirements as per your trip style. What kind of place/country are you headed to? Whether you’re travelling to the hills for camping or are planning to explore the remote wilderness safaris in a country like Africa, your medical kit have to be updated accordingly.
  • You should consider your personal health issues as your priority while packing a medical kit. Your daily meds HAVE to be a part of your list. Some countries require you to carry your prescription along. Make sure you check with the respective authorities for the medicines which are banned in other countries before taking it along with you.
  • Women generally need a more elaborate medical kit as compared to the men. Medicines for menstrual cramps along with sanitary napkins/tampons/menstrual cups is a must have item if your periods fall between your travel dates. Women are also more prone to UTIs; hence it wouldn’t hurt to pack a few antibiotics to address that issue.
  • For shorter trips or local vacations, where you know the local language and are sure of adequate pharmacies around, you can pack light and include only a pain killer, band-aid, betadine, cotton swabs, antacids etc.

Packing a medical kit for a trip has a lot of variables hence it is impossible to give a single finite list which caters to everyone’s needs. However, we have compiled a basic travel medical kit which includes five must-have medicines which should definitely go into your bag.

  1. Analgesics: The humble Paracetamol and Decofine Gel or spray  come in handy in a lot of situations ranging from a random headache to a hangover, muscle aches to fever. It can even tame the dreaded toothache.
  2. Anti-histamines: Anti-histamines are another ‘must-have’ set of medicines not to be forgotten in your list. They can treat insect bites, stings, address allergies, and take care of that unwanted, annoying thing called motion sickness. My go to has been Levocetrizine (anti allergic) for a long time now.
  3. Antacids & Anti-diarrheal medicines: Gorging on the delicious local food is part and parcel of travelling, combined with the quality of water that you gulp down could all easily lead to an upset tummy. If you’re travelling with friends, chances are you might end up drinking a little more than you should. All of this warrants a space for antacids and anti-diarrheal medicines in your travel bag. Decofine Syrup (Antacid), Bacillus Clausi (paediatric diarrheal) works like a charm for the uncertain stomach upsets that can spoil your vacation.
  4. Cold and Cough Medicines: Change in weather conditions can take a toll on yours or your child’s health conditions. A stuffy nose and violet cough can throw the mood around during a vacation. Hence it is necessary to carry Nasal decongestants, Cough Suppressants, expectorants, etc. along with you. Nosimyst X is my tested and tried nasal spray for quick relief off that blocked nose. Don’t forget to put in Wisdom Natural Cough Syrup just in case things get a little out of hand.
  5. Antibiotics: Ciprofloxacin or Norfloxacin+Tinadazole is considered to be a traveller’s antibiotic as it cures several bacterial infections. It should only be taken as recommended by your doctor. Prescription for this tablet may be necessary.

You can buy these medicines from any StayHappi generic medical store across India or even order them online.

Note: – A valid prescription may be required for all the prescriptive drugs