The world has been going through a serious crisis since the latter part of 2019 and while it has turned our schedule and lives topsy turvy, the emphasis on personal hygiene and well being has increased tenfold. People are more informed and alert about what they should be doing to improve their bodies. However, one of the most ignored parts of our body continues to be our scalp and hair. People underestimate the importance of our mane and the steps to take care of it. In this article, we are going to put some thought into the things that can save our hair during this unfortunate time.

  1. Clean Thoroughly This goes without saying that our scalp and hair, just like the rest of our bodies, collect dirt and bacteria from being outside and while every advertisement reminds us to wash our hands and bodies thoroughly to get rid of the viruses that could inhabit our bodies, the same cannot be said for our hair. Our hair also needs to be cleansed through and through with a clarifying shampoo to get a squeaky clean scalp free from buildup and bacteria. It’s better to use a shampoo that is free from sulfates and parabens as these substances can cause irreparable damage to the hair.
  1. Oiling A very important aspect of haircare that has been instilled in us since our childhood by our beloved mothers and grandmothers is the sheer necessity of oiling our hair. Applying oil and massaging it into the scalp can help with blood flow and result in hair that grows faster and softer. To soak up most of the benefits, one should apply oil overnight before rinsing it off with the help of a shampoo. Keep in mind that you might have to shampoo twice to get rid of all the oil, otherwise your hair would be slimy and greasy. Following this ritual every time you shampoo would result in hair that is silky soft to touch and glistens in the sun.
  1. Improving Your Diet The ongoing Covid situation has caused stress and anxiety to peak in a lot of people. Stress is one of the biggest causes of hair fall in people. On top of that, people who have suffered from Covid have reported extreme hair loss. The best way to ensure that you get a head full of hair and curb your hair loss is to improve your diet. The deficiency of Vitamins A, B, C and E has been linked by studies with hair loss. Vitamin A helps with growth and moisturizing of hair. Vitamin B, specifically Biotin helps in carrying the essential nutrients to the scalp. Vitamin C helps in making collagen which is an important part of the hair’s molecular structure. Much like Vitamin C, Vitamin E is an antioxidant which prevents stress that is oxidative and aids with hair growth.
Improving Diet
  1. Take Keratin and Protein Supplements Hair is made up of a type of protein called Keratin, which is also what makes up our nails and skin. Products that contain keratin are believed to strengthen hair and make it luscious and heavy. The cuticles of hair absorb keratin when applied on the scalp, resulting in glossy and smooth hair. People who consider Keratin as the holy grail of all treatments, claim that its usage helps with taming the hair, making it less prone to frizz. The hair also appears straighter and is therefore easier to style. Keratin supplements are available in the market in the form of capsules and powder. One should always take the dosage that is mentioned on the back of the supplements, as overuse of Keratin would lead to protein overdose.
  1. Protect Your Hair The best part about having soft and shiny hair is that it can be styled in a lot of ways, each of which alter our appearance without a lot of effort. Every occasion can be coupled with a hairstyle that goes hand in hand with it. However, as pretty as our hair looks in these hairstyles, they can be extremely harsh and damaging. The tools used in hair styling apply a lot of heat to the hair to achieve the desired result. Application of heat on a regular basis leads to rough hair that is brittle and prone to split ends. To prevent this, there are a lot of hair products in the market that should be applied on the hair before styling. You should also avoid hairstyles that are restrictive and pull on the scalp. During prolonged periods spent outside in the sun, you should cover your hair as excessive sunlight can also cause split ends.
  1. Use Treatments To replenish your hair and to make sure it always looks ready, you should make use of the products available in the market and even your own kitchen! Homemade and store bought treatments are aimed at strengthening hair and providing it with nourishment. Nowadays, there are a lot of concerns regarding hair and there is no shortage of products to battle each one of them. Always look for options on the internet about the problem you want the treatment for and use it once every week or as per the treatment says. Some people swear by this step and it has saved the health of a lot of scalps. Following these steps would lead to a head that would make people green with envy! These steps seem like a lot at first as it is considered high maintenance by a good chunk of people but once you settle into a routine, it would make the process easier for you and your head would thank you for it. Healthy hair is a blessing and it’s one of the first things that people notice about you. A luscious head of hair makes people take a u-turn for another look. These times are hard but they don’t have to be that way for your hair because they deserve just as much attention and love as the rest of our incredible body.