Tell me something dark in color and you like the most? Our society is too ironic in that, people do not appreciate dark complexion but long and dark hair is something everyone craves regardless of their gender. Who does not want healthy hair? Men? Ohh, they are too worried about their hairlines. Women? They are too considerate about their length and how do they look. Conclusively, one can say that the human species love their hair and want them healthy all through their lives.

But how do we do that? How do we make our hair look good and make them grow healthy and lustrous? Here we will read about some tips for the good care of our hair.

We also need to get this that chemicals play a major role in making our hair filthy. So, what do we do next? Spend a lot of money or use the brain and some elements of the kitchen. Yes, the kitchen is some treasure for our hair and many other things like tummy. But for hair, it can be full of new wonders. Also, some little habits in our regular lifestyle, change in some of our activities can actually help us get better growth in our hair.

Following these easy tips can be really good, let us know:

  1. Colours in Thali

No, no, this does not mean that here a reference is being made to some paints on your plate. This means a good, healthy, and colorful diet full of fruits and vegetables.

ORANGE: Orange does not make our hair go orange but is really effective for preventing hair from falling. Orange is full of antibacterial and antioxidant properties. Hair loss is the result of a lack of Vitamin C in our bodies, so it is really necessary to pick up some colors like orange.

BANANA: Yellows are easily available and can be eaten in all seasons across the year. Now this banana which is actually too sweet and soft to eat helps in strengthening our hair. So have powerful hair with some yellows.

MANGO: Another yellow and king amongst the all, who doesn’t like Mangoes? Well, some rare abnormal species maybe. Well, mangoes are necessary to be loved because it actually makes our scalp stronger and well know better the earth best the crops. That is how it goes with our scalp too, healthier it is stronger the hair is.

  1. Chop- Chop

Too many people scissors and hair sound a very bad combination. But the one important fact and the tip of this that regular trimming of hair helps them grow better. And it is advisable to be done every six weeks.


Wet hair is not to be supposed to be de-tangles in a wet way, let them dry naturally, and then comb them. Doing so in a wet state can make them weak and lead to breakage.


Massage your hair regularly with oil and then shampoo your hair. A 20 minutes treatment does a great job. One tip, you can actually heat coconut oil and then add some onion seeds, curry leaves and then apply. Warm oil is so relaxing for the scalp and hair roots.

  1. EGG-Y Treatment

Eggs are too good to moisturize the hair. It may smell bad for a while but the kind of luster and strength it gives is incomparable. In case of dry and brittle hair egg, whites can be applied for 20 minutes at least and then leave it. Then hair can be moisturized well and results are really appreciable.


The softness of honey can actually be attained by mixing two to three teaspoons of honey in a cup of water with some conditioner that we commonly use. Then apply the same for like 30 minutes and makes hair really shiny and soft.


Eating a bottle of gourd be a little boring and less in taste. People often find it tough to grab a bottle of gourd in a meal but it is actually easy to digest. But grabbing the bottle of the gourd for your hair can be even better. It is soo easy to apply that some juice of it has to be extracted and be applied to the hair. Rinse thoroughly, and see the magic.


Hot water baths are really fun but not for the hair. Experts and hair specialists recommend that too much hot water is actually very harmful to the hair and can damage the roots of the hair and make the scalp too dry leading to dandruff.


A spoon full of apple cider vinegar mixed with warm water can also be applied to hair for just five minutes and then can be rinsed thoroughly. Bouncy hair is the result and smiles on your beautiful face.


We all know how good lemon juice is for health, drinking lemon juice early in the morning actually gets a person into good shape. But applying lemon juice to dry hair and then cleaning with a towel is a therapy used to get rid of dry hair.

Finally, this can easily be inferred that the kitchen is the treasure for good hair, and few simple daily use products and daily habits can get the hair into a really healthy state. Be it shine, growth, bounce, luster everything can be attained through natural kitchen products. So a NO to chemicals and use brain and open your treasure- Kitchen for healthy and long hair.