Running, falling, getting up and get running again… all this is a part of every kid growing up. Therefore, they must have strong and healthy bones from a young age. During childhood, bone development occurs, which is when they require the most care, along with the best nutrition. Healthy bones for kids mean lesser chances of bone issues in adulthood and old age. While supplements are available in any online pharmacy store, there are ways to ensure healthy bones for their child.

Three essential things can provide healthy bones for kids. These are calcium, Vitamin D and physical exercise. Let us look at each individually.

1. Calcium

Calcium is an essential nutrient for strong and healthy bones. The mineral is found in most dairy products like milk, cheese, and yoghurt.

Calcium is also found in beans and lentils, green leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds. While most kids are fussy about eating these things, you must make sure that your kids get enough calcium as parents. Lack of calcium is the leading cause of weak bones.

Most kids should be given some calcium supplement if they do not get a sufficient amount of calcium from their diet. Calcium supplements are readily available in any online pharmacy store.

2. Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential because it helps the body to absorb calcium and make bones stronger. Without vitamin D, calcium will not be available to the body in the active form.

Foods that contain vitamin D include oily fishes like salmon, mackerel, sardines, tuna and herring.

Red meat also contains high amounts of vitamin D but should be given to children in moderation.

Egg yolks are another excellent source. Many kinds of cereal and fruit juices are fortified with vitamin D. Apart from this; most kids should be given vitamin D supplements. These are available in any online pharmacy store.

3. Physical exercise

Obesity in children has been increasingly significant in the past decade. Now with the pandemic and lockdown, kids are not getting a chance to be active. However, physical exercise is essential for healthy bones for kids.

Bone development is better in children who engage in activities like running, jumping, climbing, walking, etc., this is because the pressure is created on the bones, leading to stronger bones. These weight-bearing exercises are essential for kids.

However, make sure your kids are doing these with some guidance. Running and climbing can result in frequent injury. Playing sports like basketball and football can be helpful.

Bone health is an essential part of every child’s upbringing. However, the best way to avoid bone issues in later life is to have strong bones from a young age. Bone health should not be ignored just because they are kids. Healthy bones for kids are essential for them to run around and have fun.

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