Currently, the only most talked topic which can be heard in any random discussion these days is around Coronavirus, which has trapped our nation and even brought the globe to a standstill for the past two years. But what is this disease? Are we safe? What if we catch this disease? What is the solution? How as an individual one can cope up with this deadly virus?

If you are an aware individual and cares about your family and near ones, your health then you must be aware of such few basic things about the virus.

Let us now, try and understand the ABCs of Virus, first.

So, what is this Coronavirus? It is a disease caused by a deadly virus. It is also known as COVID-19, which is the most common term used worldwide. The virus is newly discovered so all its ill-affects are in the process of discovering or are yet to be discovered. Now, people who are catching the virus can suffer it on various stages like it can be mild to moderate and even severe.

Next, how to identify that an individual might be affected with Covid-19 or is suffering from the same?

Here are some basic symptoms which can guide a person to decide on whether a test should be taken or not. If an individual is suffering from fever, dry cough, and tiredness then with the guidance of a doctor one should go for a test. Also, if someone shows some critical symptoms like breathlessness to be precise any SPO2 level less than 94, diarrhea, headache, aches and pain, loss of taste and smell, etc then an immediate consultation should be taken.

The next question should now be that how does this virus spread?

It can be easily be transmitted when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or exhales. Any healthy person inhaling in the proximity of such an infected being can be easily affected. The infection can also be spread if a person touches some contaminated surface and then touches his or her eyes, mouth, or nose.

Knowing such basics, now we need to learn that what is the solution or treatment to this disease? If you find the primary symptoms in yourself then the very first step you need to take is to isolate yourselves, next always wear a triple-layered mask or an N95 mask, take sufficient rest and include lots of fluids in your diet, having a balanced diet with more protein, enough vitamin-C and other required vitamins and minerals, following some basic breathing exercises like pranayam, proning position, etc, do not share your items, monitor your body temperature and oxygen saturation quite often preferably daily. And still, if the condition worsens then contact the physician on an urgent basis.

But what about the best solution of how to avoid this virus or lessen its repercussions? The best way is to get yourself Vaccinated. Yes, getting yourself vaccinated against coronavirus is the best protection measure that everyone should take according to the protocols released by the authorities. While vaccination is the best defense, it doesn’t recall for leaving out masks, no more social distancing or keeping up with any other precautionary measures.

Simply, now the only question left is that WHY DO WE NEED TO GET VACCINATED?

Well, ending a pandemic is not a trouble-free or easy task and vaccination is protecting a big portion of the population in some way. Also, if one thinks that what will a vaccine do then we need to observe the mechanism of vaccines properly. In easier terms, they create antibodies, train and prepare the defense force of the body which is the immune system to fight against the targeted virus. Hence, declining the scale of illness and even preventing the same.

This is indeed one of the most effective methods adopted to manage COVID-19 but not enough. Preventive measures and COVID preventive behavior is required even after vaccination.


Indian authority (Central Drugs Standard Drug Organization {CDSDO}) has currently licensed the authorized use of the following vaccines:

1. Covaxin

2. Covishield

These vaccines are safe for citizens above 18 years of age and should take their dose as and when they get the opportunity.


Citizens can easily register themselves on Co-Win Portal and its website. There one can easily spot the available COVID VACCINATION CENTRES in their pin codes. There are two different ways, one is the free vaccination at the government centers and another is to get paid vaccination from the private hospitals which are working as (CVCs) covid vaccination centers.

While visiting the center it is compulsory to carry a few documents along with your Aadhaar Card and the slot message which you receive after scheduling an appointment for yourself.


Covishield and Covaxin are the kinds of vaccines wherein two doses are required to be injected. So, the preferred interval by the health ministry of India for the second dose in the case of Covishield is six to eight weeks and for Covaxin the time interval is of four to six weeks after which the second dose can be taken.

An important guideline that is necessary to be kept in mind before going for vaccination is if the person is already infected or is suspected to have COVID-19 then a gap of 3 months should be taken after the recovery. This also prevents the further spread of the virus at the sites of vaccination.


Although the vaccines are safe and completely advisable to be taken for all people above 18 years of age still the appropriate measures to be taken are:

1. Just after getting vaccinated stay the CVC for the next 15 to 20 minutes, so that by chance any complications occur os it can be treated by the doctors available there.

2. There are a few mild symptoms that people tend to face after vaccination, this happens because the body prepares and trains its internal force to fight against the targeted virus. The symptoms can be:

– Arm soreness

– Tiredness

– Mild fever

– Headache

– Muscle or joint aches

These symptoms are very normal conditions and usually happens after any kind of vaccination but if the condition worsens in the next 24 hours then urgent contact with the doctors is necessary.

At last, the authorities are trying their best to help us in helping ourselves we just need to cooperate. It is expected that the third vaccine Sputnik V vaccine will also get authorized by the authorities and will come into use in our mass vaccination drive.

Vaccination is just one of the several preventive measures which we have adopted so far. Getting vaccinated doesn’t mean that we totally get rid of the disease and we can not catch the infection sometime later in our lives. Masking, washing hands regularly, following the covid appropriate behavior should be on priority even after getting vaccinated.

Many individuals can also have more queries for which the government has provided the following options:

1. Calling at Helpline Number: +91-11-23978046

2. Or at Toll-Free Number: 1075

3. Or mailing on Helpline Email ID:

Remember, do gaj doori- mask hai zaroori!