High blood pressure or hypertension is a severe health concern. However, as it does not cause any distinct signs and symptoms, it may go unnoticed for years while silently damaging your heart, arteries, and other body parts and putting you at a high risk of developing other medical conditions.

No wonder high blood pressure is no less than a silent killer.


Many people have hypertension, but they are either ignorant or unaware of their condition. Some don’t even take their prescription high blood pressure tablets. They go by their intuition and stop the medication on their own accord.

If you or any of your family members are going through the same, you need to understand this health condition’s gravity and act accordingly. So, instead of being carried away by blood pressure myths and misconceptions, pay attention to your health, and do the needful. Always remember going in denial or remaining ignorant is not going to help you in any case.

Here are some myth-busting pointers given below. Hopefully, these blood pressure facts checks will help you know what is true about hypertension and what’s not.

Myth 1: I’m too young to have hypertension.

I'm too young to have hypertension.

Mythbuster: Even if you are young and appear healthy, your blood pressure numbers can be high. In fact, research indicates that more people are getting affected by hypertension at a relatively younger age. A predominantly sedentary lifestyle and lack of preventive checkup awareness are the biggest reasons for this alarming change. It’s therefore recommended to get yourself screened at an early age of 18 years to check the risk of hypertension.

Myth 2: It’s not a big deal.

It's not a big deal.

Mythbuster: No. Hypertension is a real big deal. Initially, you might not experience any apparent symptoms. But, it kills you silently. It can stiffen your arteries and lead to a range of health complications, from heart failure to kidney disease.

Myth 3: My family doesn’t have a hereditary of BP. So I won’t have it either.

My family doesn't have a hereditary of BP

Mythbuster: High blood pressure may or may not run in your family. However, your number can still rise due to your lifestyle choices with/without a family history.

Myth 4: I don’t eat extra salty food. It won’t happen to me.

I don't eat extra salty food

Mythbuster: In some cases, sodium might be the culprit behind high blood pressure. However, when it comes to controlling your sodium intake, there is more to it than just saying no to table salt. Make sure to read the labels before buying any processed food items such as soups, sauces, condiments, and tinned foods, among others. A mention of Sodium (Na) or soda on the labels means the items contain sodium.

Myth 5: Medication is enough to deal with high BP.

Medication is enough to deal with high BP.

Mythbuster: Although medications can help you deal with high blood pressure, your lifestyle choices, and eating habits are also crucial determining factors.

Myth 6: I can stop the medication and measures once my BP is back to normal.

I can stop the medication and measures once my BP is back to normal.

Mythbuster: Hypertension, in most people, is a lifelong condition. Therefore, even if your blood pressure reading is normal, you have to continue taking your high blood pressure tablets and following relevant measures to ensure it does not come back.


Now that you know about high blood pressure facts and myths and how it can harm your overall health, you should get over the myths and do whatever is needed to ensure that your blood pressure is under control.