Guess where does the name ‘common cold’ come from? It comes from the simple fact that common cold affects us more than any other disease or illness on this planet! It is so common that you get this disease at least once a year. And now that monsoons are here, the chances of getting common cold only increase.

Common cold has become a part of our lives now. We have grown used to the disease so much that we instantly identify common cold symptoms as well as know the medicines to take when we are affected with it. However, there are some facts about common cold that are not so common! Facts that are surprising, shocking and also fun. Take a look at 10 such facts below:

  1. Common cold can be caused by more than 200 virus strains. However, it is most commonly caused by human rhinoviruses.
  2. Rhinoviruses can survive outside the body for 3 hours and up to 48 hours on surfaces. Which means, it is possible to get common cold from these sources as well!
  3. Adults can get a common cold 2 to 4 times a year.
  4. Children can get it 6 to 10 times a year.
  5. Only humans and apes can get common cold.
  6. A single common cold virus can produce up to 1.6 crore offsprings in a day!
  7. 1 Lakh germs are sprayed into the air when you sneeze. Which is why, it is important to cover your face while sneezing or coughing when you have a common cold.
  8. Apart from monsoons, dry weather is also a common time to get this disease. During dry weather, the mucous lining in our nasal passage dries out making us susceptible to common cold.
  9. Vitamin C may not cure cold but it can help in reducing the duration of the disease.
  10. People with common cold are the most contagious when their symptoms are at worst.

Could you have believed that such a ‘common’ disease has so many interesting facts about it? Though some of these are simply food for curiosity, others can help you take preventive measures against the disease.

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