MB Clean Disinfectant Spray 75ml

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MB Clean Disinfectant Spray is a sanitizing spray with alcohol which protects against infection instantly. Just spray it on any object such as currency, keys, wallets, door handles or knobs, car steering, bike handles, shoes, bags, packed groceries, clothing, office table, parcels, shoes, sofa, hand bags, disinfect them and make them safe to touch. Its quick action formula starts working within few seconds. While it’s compact packaging makes it easy to carry, so that you can sanitize anytime anywhere. It is very important to make sure not only your hands are clean but also the objects that your hands touch are well sanitized.

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Product Description

  • Helps to avoid any virus or bacteria contamination before handling any object or touching any hard surface
  • Hassle free and can be easily used on difficult surfaces and corners
  • Ready to use disinfectant which helps to kill 99.99% germs
  • Has a pleasant fragrance and cab be used anywhere, home, office or cars


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