Thanks to years and years of following our doctor’s prescriptions, we are all used to thinking of branded medicines as the only form of medicine. However, off late, people have started to realise the importance of Generic Medicines as well. Generic medicines are approximately 30-90% cheaper than branded medicines. Generic drugs help a great deal in saving money on your medical bills. It is believed that at least two-thirds of your medicine cost will get reduced if you buy generic medicines over the branded ones.

Generic Meds vs Branded Meds

Let’s understand how generic meds differ from the branded ones. Every medicine in this world has two names – generic meds and branded meds. There are a number of branded medicine companies that develop medicines that are protected by patents. The patent forbids any other pharmaceutical company to market, manufacture and earn profit out of the drugs. So, once the patent expires, other companies can manufacture the medicine with the same active ingredients but under a different name.

Generic medicines are different from branded medicines in terms of – cost, size, shape, colour, inactive ingredient but are the same when it comes to potency and active ingredients.

Are Generic medicines as effective as the branded ones?

Generic medicines are available at a fraction of the cost when compared to the branded ones. This is one of the biggest advantages of generic meds over the branded ones. But the best part is that generic meds are also equally effective when compared to the branded ones. It is because active ingredients remain the same in both cases, and thus the performance is precisely similar.

FDA’s Role in Generic Meds vs Branded Meds

FDA asks the drug companies to demonstrate the effectiveness of generic meds and branded meds. Generic meds must be able to have the same clinical benefits as branded meds.

Some of the critical points which both generic meds and branded meds must have are –

  • The active ingredient must be the same in both generic meds and branded meds
  • Generic medicines must be manufactured with the same standards as branded medicines
  • Generic meds must have the same strength, indications, form, and route of administration
  • Inactive ingredients of the generic medicine must be acceptable

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