After making a mark in various parts of India, StayHappi is all set to expand further in the South Indian market.

Recently, StayHappi joined hands with South India’s leading pharma retail chain, Thulasi Pharmacy, as a result of which StayHappi generic medicines will be available across Thulasi Pharmacy stores. With this partnership, StayHappi is looking forward to recreate its success of the Northern and Eastern markets in Tamil Nadu. With a strong presence in the deccan, Thulasi Pharmacy is uniquely placed to help StayHappi build a presence there.

A partnership that will help millions

Thulasi Pharmacy holds the position of a market leader in the South Indian states with 60+ outlets in 18 cities across the region. The partnership will therefore help StayHappi provide high-quality generic medicines at extremely affordable prices to a huge customer base in South India.

Dr. Sujit Paul, Managing Director, StayHappi said that this association is the start of an outstanding journey with a fast-growing organization like Thulasi Pharmacies, which has already established a superlative reputation with a very large customer base.  He also affirmed the inevitability of mutual progress of both the partnering organizations. 

Arushi Jain, Project Head, StayHappi, expressed her optimism regarding this partnership which will improve the accessibility of high-quality affordable medicines in Tamil Nadu. She also spoke about the significance of 30-90% savings that one can avail with StayHappi generic medicines. She said that these savings can be channelized in such a way that India will shift from being a disease-curing country to a disease-preventing country.

 M. Ramakrishnan, Managing Director, Thulasi Pharmacies expressed his positive outlook on the future of this partnership. He stated that StayHappi will prove to be a crucial ally for Thulasi Pharmacies, and the partnership will bring great success to both the organizations.

About StayHappi:

StayHappi Pharmacy is an initiative of Sarva Gun Aushdhi Pvt. Ltd., towards providing high-quality medicines at affordable prices to common people. StayHappi Pharmacies stock medicines used commonly as well as in specialized cases, in allopathic as well as Ayurvedic, herbal and nutraceutical preparation. They also stock surgical items and medical devices.

StayHappi Generic Medicines – high-quality healthcare for all, at a minimal cost.

List of StayHappi stores in South India