Monsoons are beautiful times, but they can get ugly pretty soon. As the air cools down and rain starts to pour, the number of disease-causing germs in the environment goes up too. The increase in humidity in the air makes favourable conditions for them to flourish and affect people. Reason why, it is absolutely essential to take care of your health during monsoon.

One way you can take care of yourselves is by following some precautionary measures. And the other way is to be prepared for the time you may feel under the weather, by having medicines at hand. It is always helpful to have medicines stocked up so you don’t have to rush to the medical store in times of need.

We have compiled a list of 3 must-have generic medicines for monsoon below:

  • Paracetamol


In the monsoon season, it is very easy to get high fever, which is what makes paracetamol an indispensable item in your first aid kit. The medicine is mostly used to cure high fever, but it can be used for mild pain relief as well. Moreover, doctors also prescribe it in the treatment of various diseases like common cold, flu, cholera and hepatitis A. You can buy a strip of Paracetamol 500 MG from the website of StayHappi pharmacy for just ₹35. You would be surprised with the savings, as the same strip of branded medicines comes for ₹412!

  • Cetrizine


Cetrizine is another medicine that you must have at your disposal. It is used to cure common cold, which is another disease that affects people often during monsoon. When you buy generic medicine online from the StayHappi website or from our retail stores, you can get it at 50% lesser price than its branded alternatives!

  • Vitamin C Tablets

Vitamin C Tablets

Considering the current pandemic situation, it is very important to have a strong immune system. And especially in monsoons, when your health is at risk from various diseases. Moreover, boosting your immunity is best for fighting rainy season diseases and prevention too. That is why, you should consume vitamin C tablets with a doctor’s consultation. You can buy a pack of 30 vitamin C tablets from StayHappi’s website at just ₹400.

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