India is well on its way to the digital revolution. Every service is transformed into an online mode. Digital media has also impacted the healthcare industry. Right from booking services online to buying medicine, everything can be done just through mobile.

Imagine how you can order meds online without walking into the medicine shop and get them delivered to your doorstep just by tapping your fingers. Online pharmacy has completely changed the health domain, making the medicine available at your doorstep within some hours.

StayHappi Application – Get your Medicines Online


Many E-medicine sellers are available online. But one of the high rated and reliable websites to order medicines is the StayHappi app. With the StayHappi app, ordering medicines is a minute job. You just need to upload your prescription, and then within a few minutes, the order will be confirmed, and you can get your medicines at your house. This hassle-free ordering through your prescription, and getting a doorstep delivery is one of the best features of the StayHappi app. You don’t have to spend time searching for your medicines, and neither do you have to worry about delayed deliveries.

Easy Ordering, Big Saving


Another benefit of ordering your medicines from StayHappi is that it comes with a Savings Calculator. Let’s understand the job of this feature. Besides delivering over 25000 branded medicines, StayHappi also happens to provide a wide range of Generic Medicines that are exactly of the same quality, yet at 30-90% lesser rates than their branded counterparts. The Savings Calculator feature essentially helps you calculate this difference between branded and generic medicines. Now, when you upload your prescription, then two alternatives to your medicine list are provided. For every branded medicine, an alternate generic medicine is provided. With the same active ingredients list, you get medicines at a fraction cost. This enables you to save a great deal of money and buy generic medicine online.

How to save money on Medical Bills


StayHappi app is the perfect way to save your valuable money on medical bills. Not only do you get a collection of generic as well as branded medicines online, but you can also avail yourself of discounts every time you place an order. From pricing discounts to free medicines to even a vacation, you never know what fantastic offer you would get every time you order from the StayHappi app.

Talk to Doctors with StayHappi App


With the StayHappi app, you can talk to the doctor 24*7. Just click on the Doctor Consultation tab, available at the top right corner of the screen, and you will be connected to a doctor. Then you can tell the doctor about your health conditions and get the best consultation just by sitting at your home.

You also have online assistance available on this website. This will help you to ask any queries in case of any doubts or confusion. With the helpline, you will be able to buy medicine online in India.

Download the StayHappi application now

The StayHappi app is the digital solution for all your medicinal requirements. You can avail of up to 90% savings with doorstep delivery. A wide range of generic medicines is available on the website, which allows you to save money on monthly bills.

Switch to the digital mode of medicines with StayHappi app and keep your wallet and yourself happy.