What is the one thing that we all demand the most? Money, Love, or Food? Well, we do need all of them but we humans are a bit greedier. What we want more is POWER, CONTROL and the things to happen according to us. Also, we are well aware that we cannot control things outside of the world but what if we discuss something that actually
controls us from within.

Yes, if not the outer then why not the inner, and that power is known as YOGA & Meditation. “And once we are calm, peaceful, and mindful, there’s nothing from outside that can harm us.” We live in the times, where people are junk-eaters, prefer something spicy over calm foods and a lot more but we cannot ignore the fact that our youth is mostly inclined towards a fit body, a perfect shape and much more. Being fit is a craze and so the graph of the gym industry has always gone up and higher. People hit many formulas of exercising but always forget the exercise of mind “Meditation” and exercise for body relaxation “Yoga”.

Yoga and Meditation can be very well understood if we say that these are not exercises but the way of living, which is actually true. Our culture and scriptures value yoga and meditation none less than a diamond in the mines. And Yoga is a process, not a task, we do it daily and feel it from within. In the past few years, yoga and meditation have gained importance back in our society due to which we also celebrate International Yoga Day on 21 June every year. Now, coming on to some exercises that we really need to practice and which actually promises an individual with truckloads of energy in very little time.

Let’s wake up to a “sun- salutation”, yes, the world-famous set of yoga exercises which simply means showing gratitude to the source of life and energy. The Sun is the major source of life for every organism present on this planet. From a little invisible organism to some big mammal everyone, needs sunlight to sustain. It contains 12 basic yoga postures but gives one major benefit “peace” within the body. We also call it “Surya Namaskar” but another perspective to this can be clearing the clutter of head and body early in the morning and starting afresh. Counting on some benefits of this exercise improves an individual’s cardiovascular health, strengthens the body, gives a sense of relaxation to the mind, manages the body weight, and helps in improving the immune system.

In the time of pandemic when every other person around is living with some symptoms of Coronavirus, the yogis even the doctors suggest “Breathing Exercises” for the regular and efficient functioning of our respiratory system. We all know that we start our lives with one breath and with just one breath only we depart. And all those breathes in between are absorbed well only when we make them absorb well and the key to do so are some breathing techniques also known as Pranayama. Now, how does regulating our breaths benefit us? A must-ask question, isn’t it? Well, regular breathing practices help in the relaxation of body muscles, reduce depression, anxiety and stress, reduce blood pressure levels, and boost energy levels.

The next thing practice we have is “Meditation”, now this is the most boring thing of all because sitting ideal for five mins and doing nothing is something this generation cannot really do. But have you ever thought that what is the actual meaning of meditation? Heard about self-care? Each one of us has, now what if we say that meditation is actually sitting and looking inside your own mind and body and asking if everything is working well? Asking the inner body that every organ is working happily and pleasantly? Basically, a small short “chai par charcha” kind of thing with your very own body. Now it might sound like something interesting to you. We ask a lot from our brain, basic questions, basic functioning, we want our heart to not to miss any beat, we want our arms and legs to move properly, we expect our stomach to accept all the food we love, we expect something for each of our organs and it does perform the same for us. So, don’t you think five minutes talking with our inner-selves is necessary to ensure if everything in us smiling? Smile from within and have a beautiful curve on your face.

Conclusively, Meditation and Yoga are some daily practices that make us healthy from within, which lets us control the storms in us. So, why not have some peace and freshness when we actually have the remote to push away all the monstrous negativity.